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Medical English courses via Skype for nurses, doctors,
dentists, health-care workers and medical staff


Welcome to Medical English courses via Skype
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Who can learn medical English ?
Anyone can take English medical language courses from anywhere in the world.
All you need is internet and Skype. No need to travel to language schools,
most of which do not offer medical English courses.

Obviously, medical English courses are mainly for people who wish to work,
or already work in the medical sector.
Doctors, nurses, dentists, health workers, and anyone who wants to
work in English speaking countries in the medical sector.

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Why would I want to learn medical English ?
Because without being able to speak medical English, it is impossible
to get a job in English speaking countries.

And if you are a medical sector worker, such as a doctor or a nurse, you can get a better paid job in countries such as the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, the USA
than if you work in other countries.
And many doctors, nurses and dentists are needed in these countries, and many medical specialized personnel are emigrating to countries where they are better paid.

What will I learn in your medical English course ?
You will learn English, but also medical English, which means English you
would use in a hospital, a dentists surgery, an old people's home etc.

For nurses we teach nursing English which is all centred around
the profession of a nurse.

For doctors we teach medical English in which you will learn all the
necessary and used medical technical English which doctors use.

The same for dentists who will learn dentistry English.

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How many students are there in a
medical English course via Skype ?

We offer only one option.

1. Single individual courses.
This means one student and one teacher.

Studying medical English is a very specialized subject
and is tailored for each student individually.


How many times a week can I take a medical English course ?
As often as you like.
It depends on how fast you want to learn medical English.


How long is a medical English course lesson ?
45 minutes.

How long will it take me to become
proficient in medical English ?

If you already have basic to intermediate English, and are also prepared to go over
the material you learn with us over Skype in your own time then from 6 to 8 months.
Which is about 50 to 60 hours via Skype, plus another few hours of your own time each week.

If you know no English at all, then learning basic English along with medical English
will take you about 140 lessons [ two lessons each week ] ...about 18 months.

If you are a nurse for example, and already speak good English,
we can teach you medical Nursing English in 5 months if you do
3 hours a week with us via Skype.

It all depends on how many lessons you want to do every week,
and also how much extra time you can do after each lesson on your own.

One thing is absolutely certain .... just to learn pre-intermediate English,
whether you learn via Skype or go to a language school - it takes 120 hours
and these at 2 hours a week minimum. And this is just basic English.
If you already know basic English then learning medical English will be
easier and faster for you.

Who will be teaching me medical English ?
We have several proficient medical English Skype teachers.
Medical English teachers do not need to be doctors or nurses themselves, because there are some really good medical English language courses available and these courses are structured towards the needs of medical English students.

However, our teachers have from 5 to 8 years medical English teaching experience,
and know how to approach medical English teaching in a structured way.

For example, Peter, who manages our medical English courses teachers and is himself a medical English language teacher, has been teaching medical English for 11 years, and his girlfriend-partner in life is a doctor of medicine with 13 years practical experience in hospitals and private clinics.
This makes Peter a much sought after medical English language teacher.

Other medical English teachers who work with us are ex-nurses,
university language teachers, or very expert English language teachers
who also teach medical English.

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Which text books will I need to do
your medical English course ?

We mainly let our students have medical learning material via email, or we let you download it from a download section.
This download section is only available to active studens.
Those who have paid for their medical English lessons.
We also use worldwide available medical English language courses.
Medical English course books for doctors, nurses, dentists and health workers.
We will tell you which course book you should get and you can buy it at your
local bookshop, or get them to order it for you, or you can buy it over the internet.
In the worst case, if you really cannot get it we can sell one to you and post it to you.

So how exactly does teaching and learning
medical English over Skype work ?

You decide that you want to take our medical English course.
Then we would like to have a short chat over Skype with you.
This is for free and serves for us to understand your exact needs,
and also offers you a chance to ask any questions you may have.
If you then decide to do a medical English course with us, then you can pay.
You can pay for 10 or more lessons each time.
We then set your course time and day, and also let
you have the Skype ID of your medical English teacher.
And then on the day and time you and the teacher connect
via Skype and the lesson begins.

We do not use webcams. They are completely unnecessary.
All you need is a headphone headset with microphone which you can
buy for a few Euro at your local electronics shop.
This is a must because if you use a notebook or PC with incorporated microphone
and speakers, the sound quality is not as good as if you plug in the headphone headset.

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What is the cost of a medical English language course ?
We offer a very simple costs structure for our medical English courses
and it is up to you to decide how fast you want to learn and how
many times a week you want to learn.

Our medical English courses via Skype are 45 minutes long and we do
not offer any discounts like if you do 4 lessons a week or similar.
Each lesson has a fixed cost.

Medical English courses costs:
Individual courses - 1 student and 1 medical English teacher:
1 lesson a week :  Euro 26
2 lessons a week : Euro 52
3 lessons a week : Euro 78

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Please note, these prices are for medical English courses
and not just for simple standard English only courses.
If you just want to learn standard basic English go here:

How can I pay for my medical English language course ?
Students can pay by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.
We are a UK based company and issue invoices for all sold services.
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How can I contact you ?
By email:

By phone : please fix a phone appointment
via email at least 12 hours before phoning us.
This because you will be speaking to one of our medical
English teachers, and not to some secretary.
And our medical English language teachers are pretty busy.
Our phone number is: +44 20 8144 5875

If you have a fixed land line - we can also call you at an arranged time.
In this case please email us your phone number..

Learning medical English via Skype is the future of language training, - but this future is here now and you can learn medical English from the comfort of your living room.


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